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Scrape & Prime bare Wood for longer lasting paint
Preparation is Key - the first step in repainting your house is to power wash it thoroughly.  
Painting over dirt will just cause the paint to peel off easily. A clean surface promotes proper paint
adhesion for all exterior surfaces.
Scraping Off Loose Paint - is an important part of our preparation prior to painting your home.
And before adding new caulk, we remove as much of the old caulk as possible. Our paint jobs turn out
awesome - we love it and you will to :)
Priming Bare Wood Is Essential - Using Primer on wood at proper moisture levels guarantees:

o A coating which will not allow moisture penetration in or through the wood. This creates“dimensional
stability” and forgoes paint failure created by moisture from any source (including interior moisture)
from entering the wood.

o A substrate that’s perfect for all future coatings no matter if they’re solvent or water borne, alkyd or

o UV light will not harm properly primed wood. Many contractors and homeowners don’t know that
unprimed wood will lose a significant amount of the hair like lignin which allows coating to adhere if it is
exposed to direct sunlight for as little as two weeks. This damage cannot be fixed and the wood’s ability
to “hold paint” will be significantly reduced for its lifetime.
TIP - Almost all commercial window manufacturers and lumber mills that offer pre-priming use low-grade waterborne primers. Waterborne primers are
cheap and dry quickly but unfortunately they also conceal the quality of the wood from homeowners and contractors. Poor quality finger -jointed wood is
hidden with the unsuitable waterborne primer. Many window manufacturers will not sell unprimed windows because they want to hide the quality of the
workmanship. Low quality finger-jointed wood is easily concealed with an inexpensive waterborne primer. We suggest buying an unprimed window as you
will get a much better quality one than if you bought it pre-primed.
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