How To Stain Your Deck Like A Pro Painter
Quality Painting That Lasts
Now, once your brush work is done, switch to a roller for the deck
surface. (To save your back, use an extension poll with your roller
frame - that way you can stand and roll) Start at the outside edges and
work toward the house. Basically you are trying not to paint yourself
into a corner. Use even pressure on the roller and on each board.
Overlap your coverage areas to give uniform coverage and sheen.
Apply a second coat if necessary.
Spray railings first, unless the railings are to be a different color than the
deck. Then the deck should be coated first. One trip for protecting
plants or other objects from overspray is to tape Kraft paper to the
outside of the railing, which will catch the overspray. When spraying the
deck itself, spray evenly over a six foot square area, then go over that
area with a  1/2 inch nap roller to spread coating evenly into deck.
Continue this procedure in sections until deck is covered. Be sure to use
a large shield (such as 4 ft square piece of cardboard) when painting
alongside the house to protect it from overspray.
Due to the growing popularity of decks, there are now a
wide variety of deck finishes. There are the traditional oil
stains that come in clear and semi-transparent and water
based stains that come in solid color finishes. Its my
experience that even the best oil based finishes only last 3
or 4 years tops with the latex finishes lasting slightly longer.
So to begin prepping your deck for staining, begin by pressure washing
the surfaces. You want this process to remove dirt and debris but not
wood! Do not get so close to the surface with the pressure washer tip
that it leaves "lap" marks, dimples or holes. If you are going to be using
a clear or semi-transparent finish, there are deck brightening products
that help restore the deck to that "new wood" look. Don't forget that all
surfaces to be stained need to be cleaned. That means all four sides of
the rail spindles and both sides of the rial
The Painting Process
Pressure Wash All Surfaces
Sweep off Deck
After pressure washing the deck, let all the surfaces dry for at least 24
hours. When the deck is dry, use a broom to clean off any debris that
make sure the deck is clean and free of all deris.
Now that everything is clean, its time to start staining. Basically, when
you are staining a deck, you are trying not to stain yourself into a
corner. Begin by using a brush and start staining the outside of the deck
surfaces first. Stain up close to the house, stain the rails and stain the
Stain The Outside First
Stain The Rest Of The Deck
Spraying is of coarse another way to coat deck surfaces. Usually as
pros we use a combination of all these methods to save on time. But if
you opt for this option you must protect all plans and shrubs from
overspray. Spray equipment can be rented at most paint store or
equipment rental companies. Check with a paint professional for tip
sizes and pressure settings when using stains.
Optional Sprayer Method
Spraying The Deck & Rails
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